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We can help almost anywhere you need an “inclusion” of a piece of fruit, vegetable or other type (yes, we also have more exotic types such as roasted hazelnut, salami, bacon, curry etc). Our main restriction is that our range is not for use in products with a high water content.

It would make no sense for us to make an Aw-stable product for a high water content product. So for example, NUTROPI would not be used in yoghurt,
but would be used in the cereal addition which is kept in a separate compartment and added to the yoghurt by the end consumer.

So some of the Application Sectors are:

- Bakery pre-mixes
   (muffin mixes, cake mixes etc., in powder or frozen forms)
- Biscotti
- Biscuits
- Breads- all types
   (focaccia, scones, pita, fruit loaf, tramezzini, etc.)
- Breakfast cereals- flakes, granolas, muesli etc.
- Brownies
- Cakes—all types
- Cereal Bars
- Cheese—both harder types
   (e.g. cheddar, gouda) and softer/cream cheese
- Chocolate
   (all types—panned, bars and slabs, bonbons & truffles, white, milk, dark etc)
- Confectionery (chews, hard-boilings)
- Cookies
- Donuts
- Dry Mixes – for all catering, food industry and household use pre-mixes
- Dulce de Leche and Caramel
- Extruded snacks
- Flapjack bars
- Frozen dough
- Fudge
- Ice Cream
- Muffins
- Nougat
- Panettone
- Pancakes
- Par-baked bakery items
- Rusks
- Soup mixes  (instant)
- Trail Mixes & Snacks

And your imagination…
- Fruit
- Vegetables
- Nuts
- Savoury
- Sweet
- Nutraceutical

“we can make almost anything Aw stable”

For those that want a very clean label, and a very high fruit content.
Still a clean label, but with ingredients to modify/boost the natural components.
Economical method of adding visual and taste impact.
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