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Over the years of product development, we have created several different types of NUTROPI to cater to different needs in the industry.


We can do different sizes of cubes if the demand is sufficient. At present our standard cube sizes are:

Small (6x6) About “peanut” size, and excellent for e.g. panning applications
Large (13x13x10) Much larger and good for “large balls” in panning, where a lot of centre and less chocolate is desired


Chunk These are large pieces, about 13x6x10 but with a variety of sizes and shapes. Usually used for “snacking” trail mixes and similar.
2nd Cut Irregular shapes and sizes, frequently used in e.g. cereal bars, bakery goods and similar. A good size for maximum “flavour burst” and visual impact. Mesh size distribution varies, but most are retained on 5000 micron and the vast majority are in the 3000-6000 range.
3rd Cut Irregular shapes and sizes, frequently used in cereal bars, cookies/biscuits, bakery goods and similar. Smaller than 2nd cut and so gives wider distribution in the end product, but loses some of the “flavour burst” characteristic due to smaller size. Good visual impact. Cost is 7% more than 2nd cut. Mesh size distribution varies per Type, but in general most are retained on 3000 micron and the vast majority are in the 2000-4000 range.
4th Cut Irregular shapes and sizes, frequently used in chocolate slabs and for applications where the smaller pieces are necessary. Cost is 7% more than 3rd cut. Mesh size distribution varies per Type, but in general the vast majority are passing 3350 micron mesh.

Due to the fibre content of different fruits, vegetables and formulations, the mesh size can vary between one Fruit and another. For example, the 2nd cut of one Type could be similar in size to the 3rd cut of another Type. So it is best to receive a typical production sample of the actual product when one is fine-tuning an application.

The below photo gives you an idea of the typical distribution and effect of the Cuts:

BSB Chunk @ 8% = 1-2 pieces/cookie

BSB 2nd Cut @ 8% = 8-10 pieces/cookie

BSB 3rd Cut @ 8% = 12-17 pieces/cookie
BSB 4th Cut @ 8% = 20-28 pieces/cookie


The following table gives a brief summary of the Types and typical uses:

Name Code Applications Include
Clean Label CL Any application where Clean Label is worth the extra cost, replacement for freeze-dried fruit
Choice C Any application where higher fruit content might be desired, 2x more fruit than Blends
Bakers Blend BB An economical blend for most applications - cereal bars, cakes, muffins, breads
Bake Stable Blend BSB Especially for high heat applications such as biscuit tunnel baking
CH-Blend BB-CH Chocolate, cheese, nougat, cookies - where strongest flavour impact is desired
Cereal Blend CB & SI Breakfast cereals, muesli
Cereal Bakers Blend CBB Breakfast cereals, muesli- soft bite

This means that we probably have a Type which is suitable for your particular product or range extension.


In addition to the above, we also have a variety of Paste products with high fruit content, that can be used for up-market products such as chocolate fillings, bakery fillings, cookie fillings etc. These are normally developed for the specific product, so please contact us for details.


We are sometimes asked for our “Product List” of NUTROPI. As you may suspect from the above, there is not really a “List”, as we are doing product development all the time. So if you have an idea about what you want, please ask. We may well have a product already developed.

And don’t forget that you can also request “combinations”. For example, we developed an Orange & Ginger combination for chocolate enrobing, that also turned out to be excellent for bakery applications, nougat and other products.

What we do have is some broad categories. In these categories we can offer virtually anything, as long as it has a well-defined flavour:


From acai to zakfruit (and in between: apple, apricot, banana, cherry, fruits of the forest, guava, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, mango, melon, orange, papaya, passionfruit, pear, raspberry, strawberry etc…)


From asparagus to zucchini (not to mention carrot, chilli, ginger, jalapeño, sweet peppers, tomato & oregano, etc…)


All the rest - Coconut, curry, all the nuts (walnut, peanut, hazelnut), olive, spices etc…


Such as Honey, Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Rosewater, Marula Cream etc….


We can add vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other items to the above, although many NUTROPI already have good levels of antioxidants due to the fruit and the natural colours used, such as blueberries and anthocyanins.
- Fruit
- Vegetables
- Nuts
- Savoury
- Sweet
- Nutraceutical

“we can make almost anything Aw stable”

For those that want a very clean label, and a very high fruit content.
Still a clean label, but with ingredients to modify/boost the natural components.
Economical method of adding visual and taste impact.
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