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About Nutropi

NUTROPI is a very large range of “inclusions” produced using unique technology. We have been using the technology since 1995, so you can believe us when we say “yes, it’s stable”. Some of the main users are very well-known multinational food companies.

With high visual appeal and great flavour impact, our goal is to enable you to extend your product range into areas where you never thought it possible. Why should you be limited to the same thing that your competitors also use? Why always raisins and peanuts? Why not passion fruit and roasted hazelnut?

That is the core philosophy:

- New and different flavours - Make yourself a market-leader
- New market penetration
- Nutritionally sound (very low fat, high fibre)
- More shelf-space
- More return on investment

The production facility is located in Curitiba, Brazil. At this location, we can draw on a wide variety of raw materials, from tropical to temperate.
And we run a GMP facility that has broad recognition for its consistent production of high-quality product.
- Fruit
- Vegetables
- Nuts
- Savoury
- Sweet
- Nutraceutical

“we can make almost anything Aw stable”

For those that want a very clean label, and a very high fruit content.
Still a clean label, but with ingredients to modify/boost the natural components.
Economical method of adding visual and taste impact.
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E-mail: info@nutropi.com
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