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The basic concept of NUTROPI is that it permits your range extension into new market sectors. This means higher sales and new profitability for your products.

Unique flavours give you access into retail chains that otherwise might ignore you—they don’t need another product with raisins or chocolate chips;
More flavours should give you increased shelf space in retailers;
Your new flavour makes you a sector leader in the eyes of the consumer, and if properly formulated, makes your product a “talking point” with consumers and the media;
The stability of NUTROPI permits you to launch completely new products that previously could not use fruit/vegetable/flavour bit variants. For example, our BSB is completely stable in a high temperature cookie tunnel—neither dried fruit nor any other type of fruit can make this claim.

The above aspects all have a very high value. That’s why our motto is:

On the side of production, NUTROPI arrive clean and free-flowing, with a long shelf-life. No sticks, no stones, no mould, no insects. No costly, labour-intensive work at separating and cutting blocks of congealed dried fruit. Or throwing away batches of contaminated dried fruit (we have seen many examples).

And NUTROPI is available all year around. So our BB-CH Orange Peel, for example, has none of the problems of buying “candied orange peel” from irregular suppliers, “in season only”. That is, we can avoid the requirement for “stockpiling” once a year, which is an important cost and working capital savings.

Or in the case of nuts, rancidity is a major loss and problem in the final product, whereas our Peanut Butter and Walnut NUTROPI has no rancidity problem at all, but all that delicious flavour.

These production and “no hidden costs” aspects also have a high value that cannot be ignored when considering “costs”.

Our point is that “price per kilo” is not at all the full story, and is an inaccurate way to look at the economics of using NUTROPI.

In the NUTROPI range, we have a wide range of prices. Clean Label products, with their very high fruit content, are comparable to freeze-dried fruit in cost per kg - maybe USD 20-30/kg, depending on the fruit base.

Blend types are much more economical, usually available at between USD 7-12/kg, again depending on the fruit and the type, and also on your location.

Freight is another large cost to be considered. We can quote you EX-WORKS CURITIBA, and then the quantity of use becomes very important to your final cost.
As discussed in Product Characteristics, a 20’ FCL holds 8 MT of NUTROPI. An FCL is by far the most economical amount for international shipping, and we use the port of PARANAGUA.

Of course our agents may be able to consolidate an FCL between various customers, and so also achieve these cost savings in freight.

Or, those customers in the Southern Cone of South America may find road or even air transport to be good options.

In any case, it is incorrect to regard NUTROPI in the same category as “dried fruit”, as NUTROPI goes where dried fruit cannot. Nor are NUTROPI “glacé fruit” (which is generally not fruit at all) – if that is your market segment, then we recommend that you use glacé fruit, or “infused fruit” which is simply selling sugar to consumers under the guise of “fruit”.

On the other hand, if you are using other inclusions such as freeze-dried fruit, almonds, walnuts, macadamias or hazelnuts, you will probably find NUTROPI to be “cheap” by comparison.

So the considerations are clear—NUTROPI is not a “cheap per kg” ingredient. It is a range that allows you all the marketing advantages outlined above, and yet still affordable for the broad middle sector (in some cases, even economical sector) of the food industry.

At normal inclusion rates from about 3-10%, the low dosage lessens the cost impact considerably. We have examples such as fine chocolate, good quality nougat and aged cheeses, where the NUTROPI is cheaper than the base product, so “lowers costs”.

Our conclusion is that NUTROPI products are not particularly “expensive”, no matter what the cost per kg. But neither are they designed to “compete” on price per kg with raisins, peanuts, sugar-infused “fruit” or chocolate chips.

NUTROPI are for those that want to be a market leader in innovation, and for the up-and-coming food manufacturer that wants to impress consumers and gain market share - along with all the profitability that accompanies this gain.

Lead Times

Our production process takes up to two weeks, and surface freight may take up to one month more, so your purchases and stock require good advance planning.

For regular customers, we can keep some stock in anticipation of requirements or fluctuations in demand. We will work with you on rolling 3 month forecasts, and have found that this system works very well to ensure timeous delivery and minimise stock holding problems.

Some of our products are produced every month, and so these “Line Items” can have shorter lead times. But others are unique and produced only to order.

In general, customers place orders for the following month’s production by the 5th of the previous month. That is, if shipment during February is required, an order is placed by 5 January.
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- Vegetables
- Nuts
- Savoury
- Sweet
- Nutraceutical

“we can make almost anything Aw stable”

For those that want a very clean label, and a very high fruit content.
Still a clean label, but with ingredients to modify/boost the natural components.
Economical method of adding visual and taste impact.
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